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We don’t sell sweatshirts

We don’t normally write posts like this, since it isn’t related to any shiny new themes or plugins we’re creating (more on that soon though!).

As anyone which has worked with us will know, we care deeply about our customers. Making sure our customers are 100% happy is what drives us to keep making new themes for you to enjoy. Because of this, we have received lots of lovely reviews on our Facebook page ❤️

However, over the past few weeks we have been receiving negative reviews from people which have mistaken us for a different company 🤕

Here are some examples:


As you’re probably aware, we only sell digital items such as WordPress themes …not sweatshirts and hoodies 🤔

Which made us all like:

Source: GIPHY

After some research, we found that someone created a fake website at to sell clothing. They then promoted it with Facebook ads and scammed a lot of people.

Side note: never trust Facebook ads!

Even though it has nothing to do with us, we’re seeing our average review score drop 😩

We need your help

So what does this mean? Well, if you’re using a pipdig product and you are happy with your purchase, please consider going to our Facebook page and “recommending” us. It only takes a minute and helps us greatly. You can read more about Facebook recommendations on this page.

Recommend us on Facebook

If you’re not happy with a purchase at, please email and ask for Phil. I’ll do everything possible to make things right. Don’t be shy!

With the scale of this scam on Facebook unfolding, we’re gaining more and more “not recommended” reviews. Our hope is that real pipdig peeps like you can help balance the negativity out with some positive vibes ☀️