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September Update

Over the coming weeks you will see a notification in your WordPress dashboard asking for a pipdig license key.

Don’t worry! You won’t be charged extra for your theme. We’re just adding some features to protect your purchase.

What’s happening?

When using a pipdig theme on any site, you will need to enter your license key. After entering the key, you will continue to have lifetime access to the theme at no extra cost (the same as now).

What do I need to do?

Finding your license key is very quick and easy via this guide.

If you purchase a theme from anywhere, always ask for the license key. This is your way of knowing that you have a legitimately purchased theme.

🔑 Keep the license key in a safe place as you will need it.

Why license keys?

The license key activates your theme and enables the various features such as widgets etc. It’s a quick and easy way for you to ensure that the theme has been purchased legitimately. This also means that you are protected from other websites that may try to mis-sell a theme to you.

To confirm, nothing has changed with the actual license. The purchaser has always been granted access to use a purchased theme on a single site. The only difference is that the license key must now be validated before the theme can be used.

More exciting stuff coming soon…

Another positive reason to use license keys is that we can provide frequent, quality updates to our themes. We have some great new features coming (especially related to Gutenberg) so watch this space!

Please check that the pipdig Power Pack (p3) is updated to the latest version on your site. The plugin version should be 4.0.0 or higher like the screenshot below. If you’re using an older version or do not see an update available, please follow the steps in this guide.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact and we’ll be happy to help 🤓