Blogger Importer Extended

Blogger Importer Extended

$25$60 USD


Purchasing this item provides an unlimited version of our free Blogger Importer Extended (BIE) plugin.

You can purchase access for different lengths of time, depending on your requirements. This will mean that you can import a single blog cheaply, or import many blogs over a month at a very cost effective price. After the license expires, you can choose to renew it or purchase again in future whenever needed.

PLEASE NOTE: draft and scheduled posts are not imported. This means that only published blog posts/pages are transferred to WordPress.

NEW! We now have a fully comprehensive guide on how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to pay?

You don’t! There is also a free import plugin available here. However our plugin offers extra benefits and is designed by our migration experts. We’re very proud of the positive reviews on this. We also offer some extra options if you purchase an unlimited license from this page (see the answer to the next question below).

If you have less than 20 posts, using the Blogger Importer Extended plugin is completely free.

What are the extra options for the unlimited version?

Blogger Importer Extended options

When purchasing an unlimited license, you can import as much content as you like, as well as choosing from the following extra options:

1. Don’t import pages – this will skip pages from the import if you don’t need them

2. Don’t import post comments – this will not import any comments from the posts. Very useful if your blog has lots of spam that you want to leave behind, or you simply want to speed up the import process

3. Don’t import images – by default the plugin will import all images into the media library. Enabling this option will leave all images hosted on Google, whilst still keeping them within the post content.

4. Assign all posts to current user – Normally all blog posts will keep the same author from Blogger. This will create a new user for each author during the import process. If you would prefer to assign all posts to a single user, enable this option.

5. Convert to Gutenberg formatting – Normally, content from Blogger is imported into WordPress via the Classic Editor block. However, if you try converting this to a new Gutenberg block, you will usually see a lot of broken code like this example. With the unlimited license, the plugin can convert the formatting of post HTML so it is ready for block conversion. If we try that same post again with this option enabled, you would see this example. The author can now edit the paragraphs and images using proper Gutenberg blocks.

Why can't I import drafts or scheduled posts?

The current version of BIE is designed for simplicity and stability. Importing draft/scheduled posts is on the roadmap which we hope to add soon, however it is not possible at the moment. This is due to the complexity of reducing Google API requests and making sure drafts are imported securely. If you have lots of draft/scheduled posts to transfer, please contact us and we may be able to help.

How do I install the unlimited version?

Go to the ‘Plugins > Add New’ page in your WordPress dashboard. Search for “Blogger Importer” and install:

How to install Blogger Importer Extended

How do I reset the importer to start again?

Simply delete the posts and you will be able to re-import them. Please note you should also empty the “trash” folder in WordPress to ensure the posts are actually deleted.

Can I try the free version first?

Sure! You can try the free version to import the first 20 blog posts. If you decide to purchase a license after, the import will continue where it left off. The first 20 posts would be skipped so there is no duplicate content.

What if the import does not work?

We have tested the importer on many different types of blogs, so it is very robust and should not experience any problems. However if you are not happy with the importer please contact us and we will provide a full refund. This offer is available within 48 hours of the original purchase date.

“Absolutely flawless! Imported more than 1000+ posts from old blog! At one point it loss connection while importing, but the progress was not loss, just re-started it and it went all the way through. Best $15 ever spent!”


“I have a huge blog with over 3,800 posts and I was skeptical that it would be imported, let alone be imported well. My skepticism was unfounded. Not only did it move all the posts to my new WordPress Blog but with all the images, all the type definitions, and all the links that I am aware of. I am way beyond pleased. I am thrilled. I will be using this plugin for many of our company’s blog transitions. Thank you for building this outstanding tool. You have my full appreciation.”


“I tried importing the XML file but it didn’t work using another importer. I tried this one and it took a while but the quality for my nearly 2,000 posts and over 5K comments worked.”