WordPress Hosting

When creating a WordPress site, there are two official WordPress hosting companies to choose from: SiteGround or Bluehost.

Which host is best?


Amazing customer service.
⭐ Good balance of price and quality.
⭐ Very fast hosting globally.
69% discount from this page.


⭐ Free domain name with any plan.
⭐ Very cheap annual cost.
⭐ Fast hosting in the US.
65% discount from this page.

Which host do you recommend?

We recommend SiteGround for the best experience. This is because they provide amazing support and very fast hosting globally.

If you’re on a limited budget, Bluehost is also a great option. Especially since they offer a free domain name with their hosting plans.

Which plan should I choose?

The ‘StartUp’ or ‘GrowBig’ plan at SiteGround will work great for most blogs. The ‘GrowBig’ plan also comes with some great features to boost your site’s SEO.

The ‘Basic’ plan at Bluehost is great if you have a limited budget for your blog. There’s always room to grow!

Where is pipdig.co hosted?

We host our sites on SiteGround.

Need some help choosing a host/plan?

You’re welcome to email [email protected] and we’ll help you to choose the best plan for your site.