Bloglovin’ Widget for Blogger

This free tool will add the official Bloglovin’ Button to your Blogger/Blogspot site. Simply enter the link to your Bloglovin’ page, select the style you’d like and click the button below. Easy!


This widget has been moved to our dedicated Helpdesk on this page – Setting up the Bloglovin Button is still completely free to use! It’s just in a new location :)

Info and FAQ

Do you store any information from this form?

Nope, and we wouldn’t want to! None of the information is stored or transmitted to us in any way. It is simply used to generate the widget and install this on your Blogger site.

Is it really free?

We initially developed these tools as part of a suite for our Blogger templates. After using them for a while, we decided to offer them for free to the world.

What about WordPress?

This installer is designed for use with a blog hosted on Are you on WordPress? Well, you might like to check out our Bloglovin’ Widget for WordPress!