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Frequently Asked Questions

As well as the questions below, you may find the information in our Support Site useful for looking at the latest features/options of our themes.

“Can I change the fonts and colours on the blog template?”


In Blogger, you can very easily change the colours and style of the template by using the ‘Template Designer’ feature in the dashboard. The instructions you receive with your template will show you how to use this. You’ll also have full access to the template, so you can edit it as you wish.

Blogger Template Designer


For WordPress, you can also change most of the colours and many other layout options by using the theme’s options panel. The instructions you receive with your template will show you how to use this. You’ll also have full access to the theme files, so you can edit it as you wish.

WordPress Customizer Colour Changes

If you’d like to change the fonts in WordPress then we highly recommend using the Easy Google Fonts plugin. It’s a very quick way to add hundreds of free fonts to your site!

“How do I actually install the template onto my blog. How does it work?”

Please see this page for information.

“I do not like the widgets in the sidebar, can I change these?”

You can add/remove many widgets you like! You will have full control of this.

“There are pages I don’t need on the navigation menu such as ‘About’, can I remove this and add my own?”

You can easily add or remove any pages/links to the menu right from the dashboard.

“I already have a blog with lots of content, can I still install a new template?”

You can install a new template at any time, whether your blog is brand new and empty or has been running for many years with lots of posts. The template will restyle your content for future and past posts.

“Do your templates work with Disqus?”

Yes, all of our templates work with Disqus. If you have any problems setting this up then feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

“The photos in the template preview are landscape. Can the template also have images in portrait?”

Our templates can show portrait and landscape photos, there are no restrictions on this.

“Are the prices for your templates a one-off payment?”

All prices for our WordPress themes and Blogger templates are a single, one-off payment. Then you can use the template for life :)

“What types of payment do you accept?”

We take payments via PayPal. You can use funds from your PayPal account, or pay directly using a credit/debit card. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase.

Update 20th August 2016 – We now accept credit card payments from people based in Turkey using Stripe rather than PayPal (since PayPal is banned from Turkey).

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